American Heating Company

American Heating Company offers hot oil heaters, tank heating coils and heat exchangers. Multi-fuel options are available for industrial and commercial use with a specialty in asphalt and heavy oil storage.

  • Hot oil heaters with capabilities from 1 MM to 50 MM BTU/HR
  • Multi-fuel heaters, highest thermal efficiency, low NOx
  • Heat exchangers: hot oil to asphalt, hot oil to steam, steam to asphalt, hot oil to heavy oil and steam to heavy oil
  • Tank heating coils: hot oil to asphalt, hot oil to heavy oil, steam to asphalt and steam to heavy oil


American Heating Hot Oil Heating

American Heating Tank Heating Products

Helical Coil Hot Water Heaters

American Heating Company carries a full line of Helical Coil Hot Water heaters that can be sized to accommodate heater duties from 0.5 MM BTU/Hr. to 100 MM BTU/Hr.

Low NOx Heaters

American Heating Company low NOx heaters are serpentine coil heaters with many distinct advantages when a low NOx burner system is required.