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High Plains Boiler

High Plains Boiler & Mechanical was founded in 2022 as an extension of California Boiler, Inc. High Plains Boiler & Mechanical specializes in all mechanical services, pressure vessel repairs, combustion equipment, and controls. High Plains Boiler & Mechanical has a team of experienced and dedicated employees and craftsmen who provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise to a variety of industry segments including agriculture, food processing, hospitals, manufacturing, forestry products, oil, and gas,
petrochemical, and many others.

Expertise and Breadth of Service

High Plains Boiler & Mechanical’s comprehensive service approach delivers complete service throughout the life cycle of your equipment from initial planning, installation, and fabrication through ongoing training, support, and maintenance. Service technicians and boilermakers are on call 24-hours a day to ensure a swift and effective diagnosis and repair of any mechanical or combustion and control problem.

In addition to exceptional service, High Plains Boiler & Mechanical offers a wide variety of boilers, steam equipment, hot water equipment, hot oil heaters, industrial water heaters, flares, process heaters, fuel efficiency equipment, controls, water treatment units, and associated parts and accessories. To assist customers who need supplemental equipment or interim support when combustion equipment is down for repair, the Company also maintains a fleet of self-contained, skid-mounted, and larger rental equipment for combustion applications. Delivery and installation are provided for these units including all ancillary equipment required for operation and connections to natural gas, oil, or propane.