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Stack Systems

As boilers are designed to operate at high temperatures, it is important to invest in a quality exhaust system to limit the risk of boiler room fires.

California Boiler carries a full line of DuraStack and FasNSeal stack systems, UL approved for all configurations to apply to a wide range of diverse boiler systems. Both systems feature smooth clean welds and mechanical locking bands, enabling a secure seal and easy installation.

Models are available in a variety of insulation widths to cover all types of insulation needs, and are pre-fabricated to ensure prompt and easy installation.

The DuraStack DIS and DAS venting systems are designed to offer the ultimate in installation convenience and versatility for a variety of applications. They are certified for a commercial chimney, grease duct (DIS only), and diesel exhaust applications. Thick-gauge material for the inner pipe and coupling provides a strong and rigid assembly. Self-centering flue design significantly simplifies and accelerates the installation process. Coupling configuration (patent pending) requires only one locking band and the use of a regular, less expensive, high-temperature silicone sealant.