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California Boiler carries a wide variety of control systems.

As fuel costs have continued to rise, boiler room efficiency has become a key factor in boiler system management. Subsequently, modern control systems have been designed with efficiency in mind, revolutionizing boiler room capabilities through innovation and technology. Flame safeguards, comparison controls including full touch screen, digital gas meters, servo drive combustion controls, pressure controls and temperature controls are just a few of the advantages featured within state-of-the-art control systems.

Today's boiler control system can:

  • Reduce maintenance and manpower costs through programmed responses to load changes
  • Improve efficiency through automated management of the air/fuel ratio
  • Simplify the data collection process by electronically relaying data to computers

California Boiler carries a wide variety of control systems from the following manufacturers: Alan Bradley, Siemens, Fireye, Honeywell, Autoflame, ABB and Sage.