Sussman Electric Boilers

Sussman Electric Boilers produces steam and hot water boilers and feedwater systems for industrial, commercial and specialized applications.

  • Electric hot water and steam boilers
  • Stainless steel boilers
  • Capacities of 5 KW - 1,000 KW
  • Capabilities from 3 KW - 9 PPH to outputs of 5,000 PPH steam and 9,200 MBH hot water
  • Clean steam generators
  • Electric super heaters
  • Condensing stainless steel economizers


HU Electric Steam Humidification Generators

The Sussman HU Series Steam humidification line of generators has been designed to provide atmospheric, low pressure (under 15 PSIG) or high pressure (over 15 PSIG) steam for a multitude of humidification and HVAC requirements.

Model ES

Sussman ES Packaged Electric Steam Boilers

SHE Steam Heat Exchanger

This is for clean steam from plant steam, up to 500H/hr at 85 PSIG

SSH Electric Steam Superheater

This can raise temperature of steam up to 750°F.  This is an engineered product and need project requirements to size

Sussman MBA Electric Steam Generators

Small size, small capacity Sussman MBA Electric Steam Generators are perfect for industries that require efficient, high quality steam in laboratories, hospitals, computer rooms, pilot plants and for small intermittent, low-steam consuming loads.

Sussman SSB Boilers

Sussman SSB Boilers minimize contaminants because all-wetted metal parts are Stainless Steel.

SVS Electric Boilers

Sussman SVS Electric Boilers are safe, versatile easy to-use heat sources for low or high pressure steam.

SVW Vertical Hot Water Boiler

From 12KW to 1,000KW and up to 200# PSIG Design