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PPC4000 Series

Fuel Air Ratio Controller

Fireye PPC4000, the newest member of the Nexus family, is a state of the art parallel positioning system for all types of liquid or gaseous fuel fired combustion systems. When combined with a Fireye flame safeguard system such as the Fireye BurnerLogix control, the PPC4000 offers the most compact and advanced parallel positioning system available. Four fuel profiles allow the PPC4000 to accommodate a variety of applications such as two fuels, with and without, the optional variable frequency/speed drive (VFD/VSD). With each profile having up to 24 points entered to assure a smooth "curve", the microprocessors within the PPC4000 interpolate points between entered values and precisely position fuel and air servos to within ± 0.1 degree. The result is improved efficiency by eliminating hysteresis typically found in slide wire or single point positioning systems. Additional gains in burner efficiency can be realized by adding the optional (VFD/VSD) drive board and Fireye O2 probe. The PPC4000 is capable of controlling a total of ten servo motors, four servos per profile.

All servo motors and displays operate on a secure communications protocol and can be "daisy chained"/ multi-dropped together for simplified wiring. Available servos from Fireye have torque ranges of 4 Nm (3 ft./lb.), 20 Nm (15 ft./lb.), and 50 Nm (37 ft./lb.). Two independent PID control loops for temperature or pressure control provide precise, accurate control of firing rate for unmatched response to load changes. Ten safety rated user definable line voltage inputs are standard and can be configured for functions such as burner on, setpoint select, lead lag, setback, etc. The PPC4000 also contains programmable relays that can be used for various functions throughout the burner sequence. Built in lead lag sequencing for up to four boilers is included in every PPC4000.

The PPC4000 contains an SD (Secure Digital) card interface that provides data logging of a burner's operation at user defined intervals as well as upload/download capability.

The User Interface, NXD410, contains a tactile feel keypad and a four line backlit LCD screen. The NXD410 offers dedicated keys that facilitate various every day tasks done by the boiler operator.

Among these are C-MODE, BURNER ON/OFF, ADJUST SETPOINT, LOW FIRE, AUTO/MAN (modulation) and LEAD LAG (sequencing). This eliminates the tedious task of entering various modes and passcodes to search for the desired parameter. The NXD410 has a HOME screen that shows four lines of instant and pertinent information about the current state of the burner. A HOME key on the keypad will direct the user to this screen from anywhere within the menu system. An intuitive menu system and easy to use navigation keys optimally placed on the keypad provide an easy flow to all parameters in the system. An INFO key is available that allows the installer/operator to quickly check key system values while in commissioning

About Fireye

Accurate, reliable flame monitoring is critical for burner safety and Fireye® has been delivering the industry's best and most dependable flame safeguard controls for more than 70 years.

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