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Heatec, Inc.

Firestream Water Heaters for Fracking

Heatec’s portable rigs named FIRESTREAM™ heat feed water for fracking.

Heatec’s portable rigs named FIRESTREAM™ heat feed water for fracking.

Unlike “hot oiler designs” of other rigs, they feature helical coil heaters with numerous safety features to avoid mishaps common in fracking. Although we make several other types of heaters for other industries, our helical coil heater is the most popular. Its popularity comes from its simplicity, efficiency, low maintenance and relatively low cost.

The heater increases water temperature 100 degrees F at a flow rate of 630 gpm (15 barrels per minute). Output of the heater is 31.5 million Btu/hour.
The heater has a very high thermal efficiency, boosted even higher by a heat exchanger that recovers waste heat from its exhaust stack. A number of configurations are available to accommodate various fuels for its burner.
Each rig includes a gen-set that provides electrical power for the heater and related equipment.

Heatec has designed and built heaters and related products for the oil and gas industry for more than 25 years.

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Heatec, Inc. makes heaters, tanks and related products for a wide variety of industries. Heatec heaters are used mainly for heating liquids and gases. Heatec tanks are used mainly for mixing and storing liquids.

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