California Boiler Case Studies
E. & J. Gallo Winery



  • Industry: Producer of wines and spirits
  • Locations: Northern California
  • Solution: Complete boiler re-tube and combustion improvements

Background And Requirements 

California Boiler was contracted to complete a whole-scale re-build of a watertube boiler including combustion blower replacement & controls upgrade for the largest winery in America.

The facility’s boiler was in dire need of a complete rebuild, to include:

  • Approximately 1,870 tube replacements on their Murray MCF99 125,000pound per hour Boiler
  • Replacement of front and rear wall seals
  • Refractory replacement for the front and rear walls
  • A new false floor under the D-tubes
  • A combustion system upgrade, as the burner system was never able to reach the defined capacity and needed a solution that would produce ample airflow in order to meet capacity. 

Analysis And Proposed Solution

The existing tubes were removed in large sections. Tube stubs were removed from the mud and steam drums, and new tubes were stabbed and rolled into the boiler.  All membrane tubes and D-tubes were welded to meet requirements and contain the combustion gases.  Drum seals were rebuilt, and new refractory was installed.

A new Nema 4X control panel was wired-in and installed and a new 400hp blower system was installed to improve airflow and combustion.

Achievements And Results

California Boiler completely rebuilt the Murray MCF99 125,000 pound per hour Boiler per the customer’s requirements and stringent timeline. The burner/combustion system achieved the designed capacity of 125,000 pounds of steam per hour.  California Boiler’s team of Boilermakers and Technicians ensured a successful “crush” for our customer.