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New and Used Equipment

In addition to our extensive inventory of new equipment, California Boiler also offers a considerable amount of used equipment.

Acquired through plant shutdowns or upgrades, all of our reliable used equipment is furnished with a 90 day warranty to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our stock includes both steam and hot water boilers as well as a wide variety of burners, feed water systems and pumps.

One of the effects of rising emission standards in California is a surplus of used equipment that cannot meet local rules. Subsequently, California Boiler has obtained a growing number of quality inventory that can be sold out of state where emission level standards are less stringent.

We currently have many Industrial Combustion "D" style used low NOx burners (30 ppm NOx) ranging from 150 HP – 500 HP in excellent condition available with controls and gas trains. Some of these units are straight gas (LNDG) and some are gas/oil burners (LNDLG).

Used Equipment