California Boiler Case Studies
Pitchess Detention Center

Castaic, CA

Located in Castaic, CA, Pitchess Detention Center is a maximum security complex that houses 1500 inmates with security levels ranging from low to high. In addition to housing, Pitchess offers services to assist inmates on the road to rehabilitation, including religious services, school programs, and substance abuse meetings.

The majority of electricity for Pitchess Detention Center is provided through an on-site cogeneration plant, and an auxiliary boiler system is available to support the prison should the plant experience a catastrophic failure. To reduce emissions and comply with Rule 1146, the facility needed a NOx reduction solution for their auxiliary boiler system. Pitchess chose the CataStak Ammonia-Free SCR system from Nationwide Boiler who contracted with California Boiler to provide installation services.


The CataStak Ammonia-Free SCR system is a cutting edge product developed by Nationwide Boiler that uses a 32.5% urea solution to reduce NOx emissions. A key benefit of using urea over ammonia is that urea is not a hazardous substance and can be handled safely by boiler operators. Additionally, the system provides greater than 90% NOx reduction, which would allow the auxiliary boiler system to meet emissions requirements.


Since the auxiliary boilers that required the SCR upgrade were backup boilers to the cogeneration plant, one boiler needed to be operational at all times should the plant experience any downtime. California Boiler installed the CataStak Ammonia-Free SCR system with the TRIM-NOX® urea injection system on each of the two backup boilers by removing the top of the stacks and installing the new SCR systems within them.

Using this breakthrough technology, Pitchess was able to implement a cost effective, ammonia-free SCR solution that offers superior NOx performance with lower energy requirements than other available technologies.

Catastak is trademark of Nationwide Boiler. TRIM-NOX® is a registered trademark of Combustion Components Associates Inc.