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Case Study
Performance Sheets, a subsidiary of Orange County Container Group

To help support a new robotic production line, Performance Sheets needed to upgrade their existing boiler system to incorporate more efficient boiler technology.

Performance Sheets manufactures and distributes corrugated paper products including boxes, inner packaging products and promotional displays. Technologically advanced systems and equipment coupled with in-house world class designers, engineers and packaging experts enable Performance Sheets to provide an immediate response to the needs of a diverse range of customers.

To help support a new robotic production line, Performance Sheets needed to upgrade their existing boiler system to incorporate more efficient boiler technology. California Boiler was contacted to design and install the new system.


After analyzing Performance Sheets' new boiler system requirements, California Boiler suggested outfitting the facility with a new boiler, burner and control system complimented by economical fuel efficiency equipment.

For the boiler, burner and control system, California Boiler recommended a proven combination of the Hurst Series 500 4 Pass Wetback boiler, the Power Flame Nova Plus Ultra Low NOx burner and Autoflame controls to meet the current SCAQMD emission rule of below 9 ppm NOx.

In addition, a new Industrial Steam deaerator, a high temperature return system and a HeatSponge BOSS economizer were selected to help improve overall energy efficiency and limit operating costs. The deaerator preheats the fresh water makeup, removes the oxygen and pumps the makeup water to a high temperature tank, while the high temperature return system recovers heat from the Corrugated system and pumps it directly to the boiler. The economizer recovers additional heat from the system by absorbing the heat out of the exhaust. This combination of an economizer, boiler, deaerator, and high temperature recovery system result in around 90% system efficiency.

One of the challenges California Boiler faced was in determining how to keep the plant fully operational while installing the new system within the facility. A plan was devised to build the new deaerator and high temperature return system in an adjoining room such that the old system could continue to support the plant during installation. When the time came to switch from the old system to the new, a rental boiler would be brought in to support operations over the period of installation, further limiting downtime during crucial production demands.


To help move equipment in and out of the building, California Boiler brought in the expertise of Triple E-Rigging. Throughout the 4-6 week installation period, California Boiler kept Performance Sheets' facility operating efficiently as they delivered on the promise of no unplanned shutdowns. After diverting Performance Sheets' boiler operations to a 650 HP rental boiler located outside of the facility, they successfully switched plant operations over to the new system, which continues to run smoothly. In addition, Performance Sheets now enjoys an 8-9% savings off of their fuel bill and received $90,000 in gas company rebates and incentives for implementing the new system. With the new system in place, Performance Sheets' operation meets Best Performance Standards (BPS) to deliver immediate efficiency gains and a reduced carbon footprint.