California Boiler Case Studies
MemorialCare Health System

Long Beach & Laguna Niguel, CA

MemorialCare Health System is a not-for-profit delivery provider that is well known for its unique approach to healthcare, focusing on evidence-based, best practice medicine. The organization has received top rankings from independent rating agencies for being one of the most well managed healthcare systems in the country.

MemorialCare has locations in a number of key cities throughout Southern California, including Long Beach Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach and Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in Laguna Niguel. To improve operating efficiency and comply with upcoming South Coast AQMD emissions requirements, engineering management at Long Beach and Saddleback decided to retrofit their existing boilers with new burners and control systems. The California Boiler service group located in Huntington Beach had a long-standing reputation for delivering outstanding boiler service to MemorialCare; so they were invited to submit a project proposal.

Both MemorialCare facilities required new burners and automated control systems for their existing boilers that would generate lower emissions and have dual fuel capabilities in the advent of an emergency, such as an earthquake. Since hospitals are in a constant state of activity, the burners would have to be installed one at a time, so that at least two boilers would be running at all times.

To retrofit Long Beach Memorial Medical Center's three watertube boilers, California Boiler recommended Power Flame Nova Plus metal mesh burners. These 500 hp burners would meet the 9 ppm mandated emissions level and allow for rapid conversion to oil should the hospital experience an emergency. Additionally, California Boiler proposed installing Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) motors, which are designed to throttle the speed of the motor, resulting in 30-50% energy savings.

For Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, California Boiler proposed using the Power Flame Ultra C Max burners for their Dixon and Cleaver-Brooks firetube boilers. These 250 hp high efficiency burners would meet the 9 ppm mandated emissions level while significantly raising the turn down and reducing the load on the motor. Implementing these burners would save the hospital thousands of dollars a year in fuel and electricity costs.

California Boiler also recommended fully automated control systems for both facilities. The new control systems would feature an intuitive touch screen interface capable of communicating digital gas flow measurements and other data to computers and cellular devices.


Saddleback Memorial Medical Center

Saddleback Memorial Medical Center

After being awarded the project, California Boiler began planning for the installation of the burner and control systems at both facilities. Subsequent implementation and testing was completed efficiently and successfully, well ahead of the 2013 compliance deadline.

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center now enjoys a significant reduction in electricity costs as well as the satisfaction of knowing that their new burners meet mandated emissions levels. At Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, the optimal efficiency of their new Power Flame burners will pay dividends for years to come in the form of fuel and electricity savings.