Improving Boiler System Efficiency: Servo Drives

Servo drives are motors that manage the modulation of the burners or the movement of the air and fuel in a boiler system. This computer-based system automatically positions air dampers and fuel valves in the optimal location, resulting in tighter control of both air and fuel. When these tolerances are kept closely linked, boiler system efficiency can increase by 1-1.5%.

Servo drives can receive signals from other devices such as VFD drives, and the servo drive will automatically adjust the levels to accommodate the situation, ensuring optimum boiler performance. Servo drives can also send feedback to network systems or phones electronically, allowing for quick response times to potential issues. Additionally, software packages for servo drives can be downloaded and installed on more than one boiler, allowing the customer to monitor multiple boilers from one location and make some set point changes as well as assign a boiler to be the load unit.

All ultra low NOx boilers are equipped with servo drives, and servo drives can also be retrofitted to existing equipment.