Improving Boiler System Efficiency: Economizers

Economizers use the boiler exhaust to preheat feedwater, fresh water, or process water. Economizers can increase boiler system efficiency from 2-9%, depending on what the water is used for and the temperature of the incoming water.

In addition to increased efficiency, installation of an economizer qualifies you for rebates from The Gas Company of up to 50% of the cost of the unit including installation. The typical return on investment for an economizer ranges from 1 to 2 years, and with a rebate the timeframe can be even further reduced.

Economizers can be installed as part of a new boiler system or depending upon the condition of your existing system, added on as a retrofit. While retrofitting is initially less expensive than purchasing a new boiler system, you must also consider whether retrofitting is the most cost effective answer in the long run. California Boiler can help you make this decision, by having one of our service team members inspect your system. Contact us to schedule an appointment.