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Rental FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our boiler equipment rental program.

How should boilers be returned?

The lessee is responsible for opening, washing out and draining the rental boiler, as well as draining the feedwater tank prior to shipment. In addition, all rental boilers should be assessed by the boiler inspector and applicable employees. The inspec

What does the cleaning fee cover?

A cleaning fee is instituted in order to reimburse California Boiler for final inspection and minor clean up costs. If additional cleaning is required, an additional charge will be assessed.

What does feedwater treatment entail?

Rental boilers may undergo the plant site's regular boiler feed water treatment. Lessees are responsible for elimination of any scale that might build up during rental operation. For an additional charge, California Boiler can provide water treatment s

Who provides smokestacks?

Stub stacks are provided on most units. These are usually sufficient if ample building clearance exists.

Is the gas regulator provided?

Supplied boilers include a 10 psi inlet gas regulator. If higher than 10 psi is required, the lessee must obtain a gas regulator or, for an additional cost, California Boiler can supply one.

Who supplies the fuel, power and water?

These are supplied by the lessee.

Are hookup and disconnection provided?

For an additional fee, California Boiler can perform the install and removal on a time and material basis. Otherwise, the lessee is responsible for connection and disconnection.

Is start-up service supplied?

For an additional charge, California Boiler can provide start-up service.

Who is responsible for loading and unloading?

California Boiler will make all the necessary arrangements and bill the lessee for the storage facility loading and unloading costs. The lessee must arrange and pay for unloading and reloading at the customer site. Any crane services required to unload

Who is responsible for freight costs?

Lessees are responsible for all shipping charges, from the rental storage facility to the operating site as well as the return. California Boiler will handle the shipping arrangements.

What is required to operate rental boilers?

Only experienced engineers should operate our boilers. On site boiler operators can usually manage our automatic boilers in tandem with their other responsibilities. California Boiler can provide operational training if needed for an additional charge.