Product Focus

HeatSponge Sidekick

Want to make your boiler system more efficient with a quick payback? SideKick Hot Water Boiler Condensing Economizers Featuring the Efficiency-Match selection software.

We are all pushing for increased efficiencies especially in low emission applications.

With the HeatSponge Sidekick we are able to retrofit conventional efficiency hot water boilers to condensing efficiency without the need to demolish the existing boiler and install a new condensing boiler. Sidekicks can improve the efficiency of a boiler anywhere from 3% to 15%.

For retrofit of existing commercial hot water boilers HeatSponge has developed Efficiency-Match software that allows a Sidekick to be designed for a conventional boiler that will match the efficiency a competitive condensing boiler.

Sidekicks are not only for retrofit. For applications that demand large amounts of hot water a larger, conventional boiler with a Sidekick is often far less expensive than multiple condensing boilers.