Vapor Power

Vapor Power International develops high pressure boilers, packaged steam generators, thermal fluid heaters, and electric boilers for industrial and commercial use. Units are available with Ultra Low NOx burners.

  • High pressure hot water boilers
  • High pressure steam boilers
  • Capacities of 30 HP - 500 HP
  • Up to 2,400# design pressure


Circulatic Line

Packaged Steam Generators

Circulatic Steam Generator (Low NOx <9PPM NOx)

From 75BHP to 600BHP and up to 530 PSIG Design Pressure

Electric Hot Water Boiler

From 30KW to 4,320KW and up to 415 PSIG Design Pressure

Electric Steam Boiler (Indoor and Outdoor)

From 30KW to 4320KW and from 15# to 2500 PSIG Design

Electrode Boiler

From 3,000KW to 34,000 KW and up to 500# design, Voltage 4160 to 14,400 volt

Fuel Fired and Electric Super Heaters

Natural Gas or Oil Fired Units, Capacity from 400,000 BTU to 7,700,000 BTU, 15-3200 PSIG Design and Temperature up to 1,250°F. Electric Units from 7.5KW to 600KW, 15-200 PSIG Pressure and up to 1,200°F Temperature.

Hi-R-Temp Thermal Fluid Heater

Up to Full Temperature in 5 Minutes, Capacity from 400,000 BTU to 20,000,000 BTU and up to 750°F Operating Temperature

Modulatic Line

Packaged Steam Generators