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Victory Energy

Vision Burner

VISION® Series

The VISION® Burner technology ensures complete and efficient combustion with very low emissions;< 30 ppm NOx with little or no FGR. This sturdy and simple design translates into high reliability and low maintenance. The VISION Burner can be applied to both single andmulti-burner boilers.

Numerical fluid flow simulation tools were used during the design of the VISION® Burner, allowing the traditional windbox tobe replaced by strategically placed baffles and openings between the fan and the burner throat, making the burner very compact and efficient.

The large glass VISION® Door allows for a safe visual inspection during burner operation, providing an unprecedented level of visual insight into the core of the flame as well as the furnace.

The center core flame serves a dual purpose of igniting the main premix main flame while also stabilizing overall combustion during nominal operation. The core flame is capable of firing independently to increase the turndown ratio; well in excess of 10:1.

Well suited to retrofit applications as well as new installments.


About Victory Energy

Victory Energy is a leading, single-source boiler supplier of custom-engineered watertube boiler and package boiler systems.

  • Watertube boilers
  • Firetube boilers
  • Wasteheat boilers
  • CSP boilers
  • 150 lb - 750 lb designs
  • Capacities of 10,000 pph - 250,000 pph
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