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Power Flame

Ultra CMAX Series

Power Flame's Versatile High Capacity Ultra Low NOx Gas / Oil Burner

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The Power Flame Ultra CMAX burner offers state-of-the-art technology for minimal NOx emissions (under 9 PPM on natural gas), maximum combustion efficiency, and operating performance when firing all types of gaseous fuels and light oils. Designed specifically for today's fire tube and water tube boilers, the Ultra CMAX burner utilizes an advanced firing head that combines fuel staging and premixing to provide stable combustion over a wide turndown range (5:1 on gas and oil).

Moderate amounts of induced flue gas recirculation provide minimal emissions on gaseous and liquid fuels. The easy access door on the burner blast tube allows maintenance of the firing head components and facilitates a quick changeover from gas to oil firing without disturbing the fuel piping or electrical connections.

The bottom-entry, centrally located gas manifold connection facilitates left or right-hand configurations.

The modular concept that is the basis for all Power Flame burners produces added flexibility for a wide range of optional features. All packaged combustion systems are factory fire-tested to ensure cost-effective installation and start-up.

About Power Flame

Power Flame Incorporated manufactures gas, oil, combination gas/oil, low NOx burners and combustion control systems for commercial, industrial and process applications.

  • Ultra-low NOx burners
  • Power Flame Nova
  • Power Flame Nova Plus & Nova Plus 2 (9 ppm NOx)
  • Power Flame cMAX & UCMAX (9 ppm NOx)
  • Gas and oil capacities from .5MMBTU - 95 MMBTU
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