Series ALSTAR-PLUS Continuous Blowdown Heat Recovery

Continuous Blowdown Heat Recovery System Series "ALSTAR PLUS"

The Alstrom Packaged Blowdown Heat Recovery System saves energy and water in steam boilers and other steam generators. The prepiped packaged unit can be installed in any new or existing steam generator. It requires minimal piping, blowdown water enters the flash steam separator through the throttling valve. The two phase flow is separated into flash steam and drain water. The heat recovery process occurs in the Alstrom Double Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger "TBD". Make-up water passes through the shell side of the heat exchanger. The heat energy of blowdown water is transferred to make-up water in three steps. The drain water flows through the tubes of the left tube bundle, providing the initial heating of make-up water. Flash steam is condensed in the tubes of the right tube bundle, providing further heating of make-up water. Finally, the condensate of the flash steam is injected into the make-up water by steam driven condensate pump. The motive steam condensate from the pump is returned to the system withou any loss of energy. The Alstrom Blowdown Heat Recovery System recovers 95% of heat normally lost. In addition, the system saves about 1.5% of the make-up annual water consumption. The shell and tubes of the Alstrom Double Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger are fabricated from quality 316 stainless steel, resulting in long lasting, trouble free operation.

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