Series ALSTAR L Blowdown Heat Recovery

Blowdown Heat Recovery Package

The Alstrom Packaged Blowdown Heat Recovery System saves energy and water in low pressure steam boilers and generators, with a small ratio of flash steam-to-drain water in the blowdown. The packaged unit can be installed in any new or existing steam generator system requireing minimal piping.

Blowdown water enters the built-in flash steam separator, where two phase flow is separated into flash steam and drain water. Flash steam is condensed on the external surface of the shell of the heat exchanger and condensate drops to the bottom of the steam separator where it mixes with drain water. The combined water flow passes through the tubes of the Alstrom Heat Exchanger and heated make-up water passes through the shell. The Alstrom Blowdown Heat Recovery System recovers up to 94% of heat normally lost.

The shell and tubes of the Heat Exchanger are fabricated from high quality 316 stainless steel, resulting in long lasting, trouble-free operation.

This simple stand-alone design permits a high level of heat recovery from drain water and flash steam at minimal cost. The actual sizing of the system and it's components depends on boiler performance, TDS concentration in make-up and boiler water, and the percentage of condensate returning to the boiler.

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