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LMV5 Linkageless Burner Management System

The Siemen’s LMV5 Linkageless Burner Management System sets the standard high - from easy installation, programming and commissioning to reliable, proven control.

With the LMV5, Siemens forges new ground delivering a fully integrated system that is not only easy to install and use, but also provides improved burner performance and efficiency and ensures safe operation.

  • Fuel to air ratio curve can easily be adjusted at any point in the firing rate
  • 15 programmable points, with 4 independent positions including pre-purge, ignition, post-purge, and standby
  • The user-friendly menu system for fast programming and commissioning

Worldwide approvals and technical support The LMV51 integrates linkage control, burner flame safeguard, and modulating PID control, controlling up to 3 actuators simultaneously.

The LMV52 additional offers optional O2 trim and/or VFD control. The LMV52 controls up to 5 actuators simultaneously for optimal efficiency in low NOx burner applications

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Siemens is a global innovator focusing on digitalization and automation for the process and manufacturing industries and is a leader in power generation and distribution, intelligent infrastructure, and distributed energy systems. For more than 100 years, the company has developed technologies that support multiple American industries including manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and infrastructure.

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