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Niles Steel Tank offers several options for interior tank or pipe linings.

Niles Steel Tank offers several options for interior tank or pipe linings. Ultonium™, Ultonium II, Niles Tank Defender Epoxy™ and Sludge Block. Applied at our facility, each lining has unique properties for specific applications. We also work with several lining company’s local to our plant with broader spectrum of offerings. We can provide you with a turn-key solution for the lining of your tank or pipe.

For potable hot water applications, you can choose between our Ultonium™ glass lining or our Niles Tank Defender Epoxy™. Each is qualified for potable hot water with temperatures up to 180°F. To assist you in choosing which lining best suits your needs, consider the following:

Ultonium™ carries a 5 year limited warranty, Non-field repairable.
Niles Tank Defender Epoxy™ carries a 1 year limited warranty, field repairable. Also a good lining for water filtration and water softener tanks.

For pipe and fittings Ultonium II should be used. Ultonium II has a lower clay content than Ultonium which allows it to bond to high carbon ductile pipe and fittings. Pipe used in chemical and latex paint processes are ideal for Ultonium II.

For waste water treatment applications, Sludge Block is the lining of choice. Designed for heave acidic and abrasive applications, Sludge Block will withstand the harsh environment of any sewer treatment plant. Pipe and fittings are applied with a base coat and green topcoat insuring the finished product, complete coverage.

About ​Niles Steel Tank

Niles Steel Tank designs and manufactures water storage tanks, pressure vessels and steel tanks for boilers.

  • Lined hot water storage tanks from 30 gallon - 3,000 gallon
  • Hot water generator tanks
  • Blowdown tanks
  • Solar tanks
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