Jetspray Deaerator

.005 cc/Liter Pressurized Deaerator

UNIQUE JET SPRAY scrubber design guarantees removal of all dissolved oxygen in excess of .005 cc/liter (7 ppb).

ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTATION FOR MODULATING LEVEL control includes a HART compatible differential pressure transmitter, PID controller, and motorized control valve.

MULTIPLE CONFIGURATIONS: vertical or horizontal vessels provide maximum flexibility using minimum footprint.

ONLY STAINLESS STEEL components come in contact with undeaerated water. Spray nozzle, scrubbing section and internal vent condenser are all stainless steel.

A.S.M.E. Code and National Board stamped receivers - 50 psi standard vessel options include stress relieving, non-destructive testing and full vacuum.

CUSTOM ENGINEERED PACKAGED SYSTEM includes boiler feedwater pumps and quality components to insure reliable service.

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Our complete line of boiler room equipment includes a wide range of boilers, burners, hot water heaters, feedwater systems, blowdown systems, fuel efficient equipment, control systems, oil heaters and stack systems.

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Industrial Steam

Industrial Steam produces pressurized and atmospheric deaerators, boiler blowdown systems, high pressure condensate systems, wet steam accumulators, and heat recovery blowdown systems.

  • Single tank deaerators up to 250,000 pph
  • Dual tank deaerators
  • Surface blowdown heat recovery
  • Blowdown separators
  • Blowdown tanks
  • High temperature deaerator systems