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High Capacity Enclosed Combustors

ASHCOR’s high capacity enclosed combustors vary in their firing capacity, but all are equipped with ASHCOR flame arresters and Profire burner management controls that improve site safety and add a sense of reliability to the constant risk in the oil and gas industry.

Additionally, ASHCOR’s high capacity enclosed combustors are made of a stainless steel or painted carbon steel body and designed to withstand heavy wind, harsh oil and gas environments and other stringent conditions. include solar panel functionality and Class 1/Div 2 rated Flame Smart burner management system.

  • Gas train controls and monitors gas flow to the burners
  • Continuous pilot and flame presence monitoring
  • Pressure based system operation
  • Refractory lined
  • Combustion Temperature Air Control
  • ASHCOR flame arresters


ASHCOR is dedicated to providing specialized service and solutions to the upstream oil and gas, food processing, plastics manufacturing and other production industries through our unmatched customer service and product offerings.

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