De Dietrich GT 330, GT 430 and GT 530

High output cast iron oil/gas-fired boilers

The De Dietrich GT Pressure Jet Range are high efficiency pressurised hot water boilers suitable for use with natural gas and light oil, by means of apressure jet burner. Nominal output of the GT 330 boiler is between 70 and 330 kW, the GT 430 boiler is between 300 and 780 kW and the GT 530 boiler is between 348 and 1450 kW.

GT range can be fitted with a number of possible regulation systems : standard, B3, K3 or DIEMATIC-m3.

The heat exchanger, manufactured from corrosion resistant "Eutectic" cast iron gives high annual performance efficiency and means the boiler operates at low temperature with modulated start temperature from 30 - 40°.

The sizes of boiler parts are such that they can enter the boiler house through a normal entrance. Thanks this, it is possible to install them anywhere (pre-assembly can also be requested).

  • An high annual performance yield
  • Optimal combustion hygiene and a low noise level
  • The possibility of total shutdown between two heating periods
  • Easy maintenance and sweeping


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Our complete line of boiler room equipment includes a wide range of boilers, burners, hot water heaters, feedwater systems, blowdown systems, fuel efficient equipment, control systems, oil heaters and stack systems.

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De Dietrich Boilers

De Dietrich Boilers is one of the pioneers of near condensing and condensing boiler technology, providing a variety of cast iron boilers, condensing boilers, gas and oil burner options and piping options.

  • High efficiency cast iron and cast aluminum hydronic hot water boilers
  • Capacities from 1 MMBTU - 10.5 MMBTU with ultra-low NOx burners