De Dietrich C 230 Eco, C 330 Eco, C 630 Eco Condensing Boilers

Medium and High output gas-fired condensing boilers

These condensing gas boilers in cast aluminium-silicium components and with modulating burners guarantee optimal energy use for medium and high output boiler rooms (collective housing, schools, offices...).

Adaptable to all installation situations and constraints
The range comes with broad range of outputs from 9 to 1294 kW, and more in the case of cascade installations.
The modulating burner guarantees:
- Optimal combustion quality over the entire output range thanks to an integrated mixing system that provides a constant air/gas ratio
- Perfect adaptation of boiler output to actual energy needs
- Very low pollution emissions
- An annual operating efficiency of up to 109% at 40/30°C

The hydraulic and flue gas connection is extremely easy to install and saves space in the boiler room.

A custom control system.
Depending on the type of installation, two levels of control are available:
- Basic control: INICONTROL for simple needs or in renovation projects with existing control system;
- High performance control: DIEMATIC iSYSTEM for comprehensive management of the primary and secondary circuits.

Products assembled and tested in the factory.

  • Practically maintenance-free and savings on operation
  • The combustion can be very precisely adapted
  • Takes up less space


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Our complete line of boiler room equipment includes a wide range of boilers, burners, hot water heaters, feedwater systems, blowdown systems, fuel efficient equipment, control systems, oil heaters and stack systems.

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De Dietrich Boilers

De Dietrich Boilers is one of the pioneers of near condensing and condensing boiler technology, providing a variety of cast iron boilers, condensing boilers, gas and oil burner options and piping options.

  • High efficiency cast iron and cast aluminum hydronic hot water boilers
  • Capacities from 1 MMBTU - 10.5 MMBTU with ultra-low NOx burners