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Condensing Boilers

  • Capacity: 4.0 - 12.0 MTBU/HR
  • Fuel Capabilities: #2 Oil, Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Propane
  • Pass: 3-pass
  • Tube Type: Rifled Tubes and Smooth Tubes with Turbulators
  • Hot Water Design Pressure: 125 - 160 psig

General Description

This High-Efficiency Condensing Boiler is one of the largest condensing boilers in the industry, available as true dual-fuel natural gas and oil unit.


  • Choice of UL Listed Burner Packages
  • Proven Efficiency
  • NOx Emissions of 30 PPM or less available on all firing rates
  • True Dual Fuel Capabilities with Natural Gas/Oil


  • Large furnace with daviated rear lid access for allowing access to furnace & burner combustion head without disturbing the burner or fuel train.
  • 12GA customized tubes in the 2nd pass with rifled tube design to allow for increased heat transfer
  • Stainless steel tube in the condensing section, including full length turbulators, allowing for increased heat transfer while not impeding the flow of condesate


Full penetration tube welds with all tubes completely welded to tubesheets using full penetration wels to withstand thermal stress caused by cold return water and up to 100° Delta T.
Large waterside volume that eliminates the need for a dedicated circulating pump or high minimum flow. Even with a no flow condition, water temperatures will not exceed safe conditions. This large volume allows for load fluctuation with fewer burner cycles resulting in better overall performance.

About Superior Boiler Works

Superior Boiler Works has been providing Scotch Marine, Condensing, and Firebox boiler solutions for over 90 years.

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