Company honored for second year in a row

For the second year in a row, California Boiler was awarded the highly coveted Power Flame Presidents Club Award, a distinction reserved for the company achieving the highest dollar performance overall among Power Flame sales representatives and distributors.

Power Flame's Top Ten Sales Achievement Awards announce the highest total dollar achievers within the representative/distributor sales category for each fiscal year. In 2012, California Boiler's total billings set an all-time record for representative sales. "Cutting edge technology from Power Flame as well as a strong relationship with our partner has allowed us to provide superior boiler solutions to a diverse range of customers," said John Clarkson, Vice President of California Boiler.

California Boiler's impact on Power Flame sales goes beyond single year sales records. "In addition to the Presidents Club Award, California Boiler has continued to achieve the highest sales dollar volume obtained by any PFI Representative in our recorded history," said William Wiener, President of Power Flame Incorporated.

As part of their dedication to quality manufacturing, Power Flame is part of a unique partnership forged between California Boiler and other leading equipment manufacturers. Along with Hurst Boiler and Welding and HeatSponge, Power Flame is an integral part of California Boiler's Advanced Component Integration (ACI) package. The ACI package aims to provide versatile and efficient boiler/burner/economizer systems that can be delivered to customers in a configurable, factory integrated package that will meet the most stringent APCD and AQMD regulations throughout California. By integrating solutions from the best manufacturers in the industry, California Boiler is able to provide the most versatile and efficient boiler systems to meet a variety of customer applications.

"On behalf of Power Flame, I want to extend our sincere gratitude to the entire California Boiler team," said Robert Rizza, Regional Director of Sales at Power Flame International. "Neither company has ever lost sight of the importance of being partners and the impact we could have on the California market. This is a partnership that has exceeded our expectations when we decided to begin working together at that Chicago ASHRAE show so long ago."