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Company Background

Setting the standard for innovative boiler solutions and service excellence throughout the state of California.

California Boiler was originally founded as Southern California Boiler in 1980 with a vision toward providing dependable and reliable boiler products and services. In 1984, through John Clarkson's leadership, the company was incorporated as Southern California Boiler and developed a network of loyal customers throughout Southern California.

Growth and Expansion

Key personnel joined California Boiler over the years, bringing a collective knowledge and expertise that strengthened the company's enviable reputation and secured relationships with several nationally recognized boiler and burner lines.

With the enactment of emission legislation in the late 1980s, California Boiler was challenged to manage accelerated growth while successfully accommodating the new demands of the industry.

In the 1990s, California Boiler purchased and relocated to the company's current headquarters location in Huntington Beach. As the business expanded, the company focused on acquiring the assets of several established boiler companies. These acquisitions also brought a number of talented boilermakers and control technicians into the fold, further paving the way for growth.

Branch offices were established in Visalia and Modesto, operating under the name Central Boiler & Industrial Service, allowing customers throughout the state of California to benefit from the expert service and product lines offered by California Boiler.


In an effort to recognize the loyalty and contribution of existing and future California Boiler employees, senior management explored the benefits of creating an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). In 2006, the company was sold to the ESOP, and employees began to enjoy the advantages associated with employee ownership while earning a lucrative retirement benefit.

Marking a New Chapter

As 2012 approached, the company elected to undergo a re-branding process in order to unify all branches of the company under one name. Southern California Boiler and Central Boiler & Industrial Service became California Boiler, and the company continues to set the standard for innovative boiler solutions and service excellence throughout the state.